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Where to?
With more than 100 adventures in offer, we cover the vast territory from the Kola peninsula to Elbrus and from the North Pole to the Commander islands. Russia is much bigger, than St.Petersburg, Moscow and Golden Ring: spectacular mountain ranges, swampy tundra, dark taiga, magic meanders of Siberian rivers and even the biggest active volcano in the world. Does not matter if your dream is a hit or off the beaten track destination. We are there to make it real.
What's in store?
We operate all-year-round, so you can experience snowmobiling, heli-skiing, dog-slegging or one of our ethno programs during typical Russian winter. Or you can spend summer vacations here, trekking, rafting, jeeping, going local and admiring the wild untouched beauty of nature. You may join one of ethno programs, real "into the wild" style or participate in a comfortable cruise along the Russian Far East shore. Never miss your lifetime experience!
To ensure the trip fulfills your expectations, we try the adventures ourselves. We communicate with local guides and carefully gather all necessary information you need to get prepared for your journey.
1. Is it safe to travel in Russia?
We work only with professional guides who have a particular experience in leading international groups. You will have a guide accompanying you throughout the whole tour, and for certain programmes (cruises, wildlife journeys, specific activities) the safety briefing is included. We carefully gather the information to make your preparations easy and smooth, and are always there to answer your questions.
2. How do I book the tour?
When you are decided about the dates and your destination, we send you a booking form to complete. After we receive it back, we send you a package of documents (agreement, programme, information about your journey and an invoice for the bank transfer). When we get the payment, you receive a confirmation of your purchase, which has to be printed. You always can stay in touch with your manager and are free to receive your personal consultation.
3. How do I pay for my journey?
When we confirm your booking, we send you an agreement, a programme, travel notes and an invoice to be paid in 5 working days. It is possible to pay a deposit of 30%, though in most cases you need to pay the full sum one month prior to departure (for cruise programmes the payment due is 4 months prior to departure). We accept payments by bank transfer in EURO/USD.
4. Will you help me to get visa?
When it comes to travelling in Russia, the visa is required. We will make an invitation (visa support letter) for you. After that, you can apply for the visa at a Russian consulate either by yourself or through a local travel agent (usually for an extra fee).
5. Do I need an insurance?
When you get the Russian visa, a basic insurance is obligatory. Coverage must be valid everywhere in Russia for the entire stay and reach a minimum of EUR 30,000. If you need an extended version of insurance, we can make it for you.


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